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  • Condit, Richard; Lao, Suzanne; Pérez, Rolando; Dolins, Steven B.; Foster, Robin; Hubbell, Stephen (2012)
    The 50-hectare plot at Barro Colorado Island, Panama, is a 1000 meter by 500 meter rectangle of forest inside of which all woody trees and shrubs with stems at least 1 cm in stem diameter have been censused. Every individual ...
  • Condit, Richard; Engelbrecht, Bettina; Pino, Delicia; Turner, Benjamin; Pérez, Rolando (2013-02-04)
    Woody plant species with free-standing stems >=1 cm diameter were surveyed at 72 locations near the Panama Canal, spanning geological formations and a rainfall gradient. Patterns of tree species distribution relating to ...
  • Condit, Richard; Lao, Suzanne; Esufali, Shameema; Dolins, Steven (2013-06-04)
    Detailed documentation of the CTFS MySQL database for handling data from repeated measurements of forest census plots is available to the public at this SI Library web site. This supports the published article cited below, ...
  • Hubbell, S.; Comita, L.; Lao, S.; Condit, R. (2014)
    A precise census of canopy density was carried out across the Barro Colorado 50 ha tree census, recording vegetation density in several vertical layers at a horizontal scale of 5 m. The census was done annually in 23 years ...
  • Beltran, Roxanne S.; Sadou, Megan Connolly; Condit, Richard; Peterson, Sarah; Reichmuth, Colleen; Costa, Dan P. (2014-09-09)
    Stable isotope analysis of slow-growing, metabolically inert tissues is a common method to investigate foraging ecology in migratory animals, as direct observations of feeding are often not possible. Using tissue growth ...

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