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  • Weller, Emma Jane; Pacucci, Fabio; Ni, Yueying; Chen, Nianyi; Di Matteo, Tiziana; Siwek, Magdalena; Hernquist, Lars (2023)
    Intermediate-Mass Black Holes (IMBHs) of $10^3-10^6\, {\rm M_\odot }$ are commonly found at the centre of dwarf galaxies. Simulations and observations convincingly show that a sizeable population of IMBHs could wander ...
  • Zhu, Qirong; Pérez-Montaño, Luis Enrique; Rodriguez-Gomez, Vicente; Cervantes Sodi, Bernardo; Zjupa, Jolanta; Marinacci, Federico; Vogelsberger, Mark; Hernquist, Lars (2023)
    Giant low surface brightness (GLSB) galaxies, such as Malin 1 and UGC 1382, contain the largest stellar discs known. GLSB galaxies also often contain large masses of neutral hydrogen (H I). However, these extreme galaxies' ...
  • Philip, Sajeev; Martin, Randall V.; van Donkelaar, Aaron; Lo, Jason Wai-Ho; Wang, Yuxuan; Chen, Dan; Zhang, Lin; Kasibhatla, Prasad S.; Wang, Siwen; Zhang, Qiang; Lu, Zifeng; Streets, David G.; Bittman, Shabtai; Macdonald, Douglas J. (2014)
  • Villanueva-Domingo, Pablo; Villaescusa-Navarro, Francisco; Genel, Shy; Anglés-Alcázar, Daniel; Hernquist, Lars; Marinacci, Federico; Spergel, David N.; Vogelsberger, Mark; Narayanan, Desika (2023)
    We present new constraints on the masses of the halos hosting the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies derived using graph neural networks. Our models, trained on 2,000 state-of-the-art hydrodynamic simulations of the CAMELS ...
  • Xu, Clara; Smith, Aaron; Borrow, Josh; Garaldi, Enrico; Kannan, Rahul; Vogelsberger, Mark; Pakmor, Rüdiger; Springel, Volker; Hernquist, Lars (2023)
    The observability of Lya emitting galaxies (LAEs) during the Epoch of Reionization can provide a sensitive probe of the evolving neutral hydrogen gas distribution, thus setting valuable constraints to distinguish different ...

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