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  • Oldenbeuving, Aafke; Gómez-Zúniga, Adalberto; Florez-Buitrago, Ximena; Gutiérrez-Zuluaga, Ana M.; Machado, Carlos A.; Van Dooren, Tom J. M.; van Alphen, Jacques; Biesmeijer, Jacobus C.; Herre, Edward Allen (2023)
    Previous genetic studies of pollinator wasps associated with a community of strangler figs (Ficus subgenus Urostigma, section Americana) in Central Panama suggest that the wasp species exhibit a range in host specificity ...
  • Emma Amos 
    von Hardenburgh, Charlotte (2023)
  • Schönbeck, Leonie; Arteaga, Marc; Mirza, Humera; Coleman, Mitchell; Mitchell, Denise; Huang, Xinyi; Ortiz, Haile; Santiago, Louis S. (2023)
    Plant physiology can determine the health status of plant species of concern. However, many physiological measurements gain increased context when measured with a reference point that represents the optimal performance and ...
  • Mckamey, Stuart H. (2023)
    Smilidarnis duocornus sp. nov., S. erwini sp. nov., and S. robustus sp. nov. are described, illustrated, and included in a key to the five species here recognized in Smilidarnis. One member of this genus, from Ecuador (new ...
  • Rebollo, María Emilia; López, Fernando Gabriel; Lapido, Rocío; Bragagnolo, Laura Araceli; Peñalba, Pablo Díaz; Reyes, Marcos Matías; Valor, Paula Maiten Orozco; Santillán, Miguel Ángel; Galmes, Maximiliano Adrián; Romero, Isabel María Luque; Liébana, María Soledad; Grande, Juan Manuel (2023)
    The monogamous mating system, where a male and a female constitute the reproductive unit and share the parental care, predominates among bird reproductive strategies. However, there are also other mating systems with diverse ...

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