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  • Lanouette, JoAnne (1986)
    'AnthroNotes' editor's interview with a Chinese high school exchange student prior to his return to China.
  • Erickson, Paul (1991)
    Interim report assesses the state of precollege anthropology and the place of anthropology in pre-service teacher training.
  • Rowley, Sue; Fitzhugh, Josh (1988)
    First person accounts of 1987 summer project involving Inuit elders and non-Inuit youth in a multicultural archaeology learning experience.
  • Peacock, James L. (1998)
    James Peacock, past president of the American Anthropological Association, discusses what he sees as the future for anthropology in the new millennium.
  • London, Marilyn R. (1994)
    Review of video 'Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference'.
  • Selig, Ruth O. (2006)
    'AnthroNotes' editor Selig summarizes the origins and evolution of 'AnthroNotes,' a publication of the Smithsonian Department of Anthropology.
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1989)
    The need for precollege anthropology in schools and the benefits of including anthropology in teacher education programs.
  • Njenga, Ann; Manthi, Frederick Kyalo (2007)
    Kenyan educator Njenga and Dr. Manthi of the National Museum of Kenya examine difficulties faced by Kenyan educators, as well as their American counterparts, when teaching human prehistory and evolution to precollege students.
  • Sabloff, Jeremy A. (1998)
    Former director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum and former president of the Society for American Archaeology Sabloff demonstrates convergence of anthropology's and archaeology's concerns with reaching out to ...
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Lanouette, JoAnne; Kaupp, Ann P. (1979)
    Introduction to the scope and purpose of 'AnthroNotes.'
  • Christensen, Bonnie (1996)
    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducts archaeological research and runs the Archaeology in Education Program for precollege educators.
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1992)
    How David McCurdy and James Spradley transformed the teaching of ethnographic methodology; related Teacher's Corner by David McCurdy appears in Spring 1992, vol. 14:2.
  • Cazden, Courtney B. (2011)
    A retired Harvard educator's account of her life-long involvement researching the intersection of social class, cultural differences, and early childhood language development.
  • Lanouette, JoAnne (1988)
    High school anthropology teacher travelling in China with her students visiting sites and archaeological museums.
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Brooks, Alison S.; Kaupp, P. A.; Gecan, Carolyn E. (2012)
    The 'AnthroNotes' editors survey the history of the publication and introduce its digital future.
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1989)
    History of the first 10 years of 'AnthroNotes' and its origins in an innovative, N.S.F.-sponsored teacher-training program.
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Brooks, Alison S.; Kaupp, P. A.; Gecan, Carolyn E. (2009)
    The current editors of 'AnthroNotes' examine its 30 years of publication.
  • Lanouette, JoAnne; Williams, Martha (1988)
    Interview with long-time high school social studies teacher Martha Williams reveals anthropology's impact on her life and teaching.
  • Lanouette, JoAnne (1986)
    How anthropological training informs teachers and high school students participating in a cultural exchange with Japanese high schools.
  • Viola, Herman J. (2006)
    Smithsonian Curator Emeritus Viola shares insights into using the Lewis and Clark expedition as a model for integrating social studies strands such as history, culture, civics, economics, and geography; article concludes ...

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