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  • Comita, Liza S.; Uriarte, Maria; Thompson, Jill; Johnchheere, Inge; Canjam, Charles D.; Zimmerman, Jess K. (2009)
    1. Many forests experience periodic, large-scale disturbances which open the forest canopy, causing dramatic changes in understorey light conditions and seedling densities. Thus, in hurricane-impacted forests, large ...
  • Kress, W. John; Erickson, David L.; Swenson, Nathan G.; Thompson, Jill; Uriarte, Maria; Zimmerman, Jess K. (2010)
    Species number, functional traits, and phylogenetic history all contribute to characterizing the biological diversity in plant communities. The phylogenetic component of diversity has been particularly difficult to quantify ...
  • Bruna, Emilio M.; Izzo, Thiago J.; Inouye, Brian D.; Uriarte, Maria; Vasconcelos, Heraldo L. (2011)
    Background: The dispersal ability of queens is central to understanding ant life-history evolution, and plays a fundamental role in ant population and community dynamics, the maintenance of genetic diversity, and the spread ...
  • Anderson-Teixeira, Kristina J.; Davies, Stuart James; Bennett, Amy C.; Gonzalez-Akre, Erika; Muller-Landau, Helene C.; Wright, S. Joseph; Abu Salim, Kamariah; Almeyda Zambrano, Angélica M.; Alonso, Alfonso; Baltzer, Jennifer L.; Basset, Yves; Bourg, Norman A.; Broadbent, Eben N.; Brockelman, Warren Y.; Bunyavejchewin, Sarayudh; Burslem, David F. R. P.; Butt, Nathalie; Cao, Min; Cardenas, Dairon; Chuyong, George B.; Clay, Keith; Cordell, Susan; Dattaraja, Handanakere S.; Deng, Xiaobao; Detto, Matteo; Du, Xiaojun; Duque, Alvaro; Erikson, David L.; Ewango, Corneille E. N.; Fischer, Gunter A.; Fletcher, Christine; Foster, Robin B.; Giardina, Christian P.; Gilbert, Gregory S.; Gunatilleke, Nimal; Gunatilleke, Savitri; Hao, Zhanqing; Hargrove, William W.; Hart, Terese B.; Hau, Billy C. H.; He, Fangliang; Hoffman, Forrest M.; Howe, Robert W.; Hubbell, Stephen P.; Inman-Narahari, Faith; Jansen, Patrick A.; Jiang, Mingxi; Johnson, Daniel J.; Kanzaki, Mamoru; Kassim, Abdul Rahman; Kenfack, David; Kibet, Staline; Kinnaird, Margaret F.; Korte, Lisa; Kral, Kamil; Kumar, Jitendra; Larson, Andrew J.; Li, Yide; Li, Xiankun; Liu, Shirong; Lum, Shawn K. Y.; Lutz, James A.; Ma, Keping; Maddalena, Damian M.; Makana, Jean-Remy; Malhi, Yadvinder; Marthews, Toby; Mat Serudin, Rafizah; McMahon, Sean M.; McShea, William J.; Memiaghe, Hervé R.; Mi, Xiangcheng; Mizuno, Takashi; Morecroft, Michael; Myers, Jonathan A.; Novotny, Vojtech; de Oliveira, Alexandre A.; Ong, Perry S.; Orwig, David A.; Ostertag, Rebecca; den Ouden, Jan; Parker, Geoffrey G.; Phillips, Richard P.; Sack, Lawren; Sainge, Moses N.; Sang, Weiguo; Sri-ngernyuang, Kriangsak; Sukumar, Raman; Sun, I-F; Sungpalee, Witchaphart; Suresh, Hebbalalu Sathyanarayana; Tan, Sylvester; Thomas, Sean C.; Thomas, Duncan W.; Thompson, Jill; Turner, Benjamin L.; Uriarte, Maria; Valencia, Renato; Vallejo, Marta I.; Vicentini, Alberto; Vr ka, Tomá ; Wang, Xihua; Wang, Xugao; Weiblen, George; Wolf, Amy; Xu, Han; Yap, Sandra; Zimmerman, Jess (2015)
    Global change is impacting forests worldwide, threatening biodiversity and ecosystem services including climate regulation. Understanding how forests respond is critical to forest conservation and climate protection. This ...
  • Uriarte, Maria; Bruna, Emilio M.; Rubim, Paulo; Anciaes, Marina; Jonckheere, Inge (2010)
    Studies simultaneously evaluating the importance of safe-site and seed limitation for plant establishment are rare, particularly in human-modified landscapes. We used spatially explicit neighborhood models together with ...
  • Hogan, J. A.; Zimmerman, Jess K.; Uriarte, Maria; Turner, Benjamin L.; Thompson, Jill (2016)
  • Hogan, J. A.; Zimmerman, Jess K.; Uriarte, Maria; Turner, Benjamin L.; Thompson, Jill (2016)
  • Uriarte, Maria; Canham, Charles D.; Thompson, Jill; Zimmerman, Jess K. (2004)
  • Uriarte, Maria; Condit, Richard S.; Canham, Charles D.; Hubbell, Stephen P. (2004)

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