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  • Archambault, JoAllyn; Sturtevant, William C. (1996)
    The Smithsonian's work researching and helping to preserve North American Indian cultures, languages, and history; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1986)
    Summary of Norse contact with Native Americans; includes snippets from the 13th century Greenlander saga and archaeological evidence.
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1993)
    Discovering a new independent center of agricultural origins in the southeastern United States; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Bray, Tamara L. (1995)
    American Indian skeletal remains and associated funerary objects from Columbia River burial sites are returned by the Smithsonian Institution to Indian descendants in Washington and Oregon.
  • West, W. Richard (1993)
    Excerpts from a speech by West, first director of the National Museum of the American Indian, on research and scholarship at the new museum.
  • Barrat, John (1997)
    Anthropologist's research brings to light the life and work of Danish-American photographer Benedicte Wrensted of Pocatello, ID; 7 sample photographs illustrate Wrensted's work with American Indians and Anglo residents ...
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1983)
    Smithsonian archaeologist Dennis Stanford's quest to discover the first Americans.
  • Griffin, James B. (1991)
    The two books reviewed examine the science of archaeology including examples of fraudulent or fanciful claims made in popular culture.
  • Fitzhugh, William W. (2009)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Fitzhugh presents a synopsis of the Arctic region's archaeology with an emphasis on how climate change over the last 10,000 years affected human activities in the region.
  • Lassiter, Luke Eric (2004)
    The history, ethical framework, and responsibilities of scientists conducting ethnographic research; author uses examples from his experiences with collaborative ethnography.
  • Wolfe, Mary Anne (1981)
    Unit plan presents contrasting accounts as a way to develop students' critical thinking skills; focus on Yanomamo culture.
  • Christensen, Bonnie (1996)
    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducts archaeological research and runs the Archaeology in Education Program for precollege educators.
  • Krech, Shepard III (2004)
    Examines competing historical stereotypes of North American indigenous peoples, namely, the Noble Indian, particularly the Ecological Indian, vs. the Ignoble Indian; related online resources available from the Smithsonian ...
  • Goddard, Ives (2004)
    Smithsonian linguist Goddard discusses the complexity of Native American languages and what we can learn by studying those languages that have survived.
  • Dillehay, Tom D. (2005)
    Dillehay discusses his work as the original lead archaeologist at Monte Verde, Chile, as well as the changing relationship between researchers and the region's indigenous peoples.
  • Laughlin, Robert M. (2010)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Laughlin discusses how he became an advocacy anthropologist and helped shape the 'Tzotzil-Tzeltal' ('The House of the Writer') cultural cooperative in San Crist?? de las Casas in the State of ...
  • Kaeppler, Adrienne L. (2004)
    Information from Smithsonian anthropologist Kaeppler about Hawaiian cultural artifacts--the Queen Kapi'olani canoe, featherwork garments, and several bowls--that are part of the Smithsonian's collections.
  • Merrill, William L. (1997)
    The role language can play in retaining identity, in a case study from northern Mexico; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.',
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Peterson, Anna (2004)
    Sample lesson plan suitable for grades 7-12 that uses an updated article from 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'; see original article, Winter 1990, vol. 12:1, by Robert S. Laughlin and Kathleen Bragdon.
  • Davis, M. Elaine (2003)
    Based on Davis' work at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, this article examines various perspectives on questions of realness and authenticity pertaining to archaeological sites and artifacts.

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