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  • Hunt, Gene; Carrano, Matthew T. (The Paleontological Society, 2010)
  • Alroy, John; Aberhan, Martin; Bottjer, David J.; Foote, Michael; Fursich, Franz T.; Harries, Peter J.; Hendy, Austin J. W.; Holland, Steven M.; Ivany, Linda C.; Kiessling, Wolfgang; Kosnik, Matthew A.; Marshall, Charles R.; McGowan, Alistair J.; Miller, Arnold I.; Olszewski, Thomas D.; Patzkowsky, Mark E.; Peters, Shanan E.; Villier, Loic; Wagner, Peter J.; Bonuso, Nicole; Borkow, Philip S.; Brenneis, Benjamin; Clapham, Matthew E.; Fall, Leigh M.; Ferguson, Chad A.; Hanson, Victoria L.; Krug, Andrew Z.; Layou, Karen M.; Leckey, Erin H.; Nurnberg, Sabine; Powers, Catherine M.; Sessa, Jocelyn A.; Simpson, Carl; Tomasovych, Adam; Visaggi, Christy C. (2008)
    It has previously been thought that there was a steep Cretaceous and Cenozoic radiation of marine invertebrates. This pattern can be replicated with a new data set of fossil occurrences representing 3.5 million specimens, ...

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