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  • Selig, Ruth O.; Kaupp, P. A. (1982)
    How a teacher combined teaching archaeology with environmental science in a K-8 grade school.
  • Fitzhugh, William W. (2009)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Fitzhugh presents a synopsis of the Arctic region's archaeology with an emphasis on how climate change over the last 10,000 years affected human activities in the region.
  • Christensen, Bonnie (1996)
    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducts archaeological research and runs the Archaeology in Education Program for precollege educators.
  • Viola, Herman J. (2006)
    Smithsonian Curator Emeritus Viola shares insights into using the Lewis and Clark expedition as a model for integrating social studies strands such as history, culture, civics, economics, and geography; article concludes ...
  • Gordon, Kathleen D. (1985)
    Examination of then-new evidence suggesting the importance of scavenging food to our early hominid ancestors.
  • Schwartz, Douglas W. (2007)
    By using new evidence from climatology, history, ethnography, and archaeology, the author refutes earlier scholars' assertions about the origins and growth of the great pueblos in the North American Southwest.
  • Brooks, Alison S.; Smith, J. N. L. (1991)
    Challenges to conservation, tourism, and protection of remaining Great Ape populations in Africa.
  • Rogers, J. Daniel (2009)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Rogers explains 'Agent-Based Modeling,' a project developed by Smithsonian anthropologists and George Mason University computer scientists, which simulates virtual societies and their relationships ...
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1983)
    Anthropologist and 'AnthroNotes' editor Alison Brooks reports changes she witnessed in Dobe San culture between 1968 and 1980.
  • Rick, Torben C. (2009)
    Smithsonian archaeologist Rick's classroom activity challenges students to look at contemporary environmental issues using the archaeological record; interview and essay components are suitable for grades 9-12 and beyond.
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1982)
    Lesson plan with journal excerpts from explorer E. W. Nelson's 1878-79 dog-sled journey encountering Bering Sea Eskimo culture.
  • Brooks, Alison S. (2012)
    'AnthroNotes' editor Brooks surveys the evolving science of human evolution from 1979 at the birth of 'AnthroNotes' to the present day; includes new technologies used in the study of ancient biological remains, artifacts, ...
  • Rick, Torben C. (2009)
    Using 3 case studies, Smithsonian archaeologist Rick explains the critical relevance of long-term archaeological perspectives to contemporary environmental studies because they have much to tell us about the present and ...

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