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  • Schildkrout, Enid (2001)
    Adorning the body, illustrated by various types of body art; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.',
  • Cazden, Courtney B. (2011)
    A retired Harvard educator's account of her life-long involvement researching the intersection of social class, cultural differences, and early childhood language development.
  • Jackson, John L. Jr. (2011)
    Discussion of the intersection of media, anthropology, and race.
  • Schildkrout, Enid (2001)
    Suggestions for lesson activities focused on various body modifications described in the author's longer essay; suitable for grades 9-12 and college.
  • Garcia, Mikel Hogan (1994)
    Two activities that aim to increase student communication skills and competency in understanding and negotiating cultural diversity; suitable for grades 9-12.
  • Chiarulli, Beverly (2001)
    Three exercises using Maya art and writing that can be adapted for use in science, social studies and art classes; suitable for grades 9-12 and college.
  • King, Barbara J. (2008)
    Anthropologist King discusses various great ape species in light of research into their emotional lives, communication abilities, and capacity to understand the perspective of others.
  • Perez Baez, Gabriela (2011)
    Smithsonian linguist P?z B?, a member of the Recovering Voices Project, examines the impact of modern telecommunications technology on the world's linguistic diversity and the potential for maintaining this diversity; ...
  • Kuipers, Joel C. (1991)
    The importance of poetic performance and ritual speech to the Weyewa people on the eastern Indonesian island of Sumba.
  • Beck, Benjamin B. (1997)
    National Zoological Park's Think Tank is the world's first-ever exhibit about animal cognition; it features orangutans, among other animals.

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