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  • Cazden, Courtney B. (2011)
    A retired Harvard educator's account of her life-long involvement researching the intersection of social class, cultural differences, and early childhood language development.
  • Krech, Shepard III (2004)
    Examines competing historical stereotypes of North American indigenous peoples, namely, the Noble Indian, particularly the Ecological Indian, vs. the Ignoble Indian; related online resources available from the Smithsonian ...
  • Goddard, Ives (2004)
    Smithsonian linguist Goddard discusses the complexity of Native American languages and what we can learn by studying those languages that have survived.
  • Homiak, John P. (2005)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Homiak based this article on his decades-long research into the history and culture of the Rastafari.
  • Cerroni-Long, E. L. (1993)
    Author's model of ethnicity built on a specific definition of cultural, ethnic, and subcultural membership--all within the context of a comparative approach.
  • Homiak, John P. (1994)
    Transformation of contemporary ethnographic film to incorporate the indigenous and global perspectives.
  • Lanouette, JoAnne (1988)
    High school anthropology teacher travelling in China with her students visiting sites and archaeological museums.
  • Sussman, Robert W. (1997)
    Assessing the role that learning and aggression play in chimpanzee and human societies.
  • Kaupp, P. A. (1982)
    Discussion of 3 books emphasizing the long-neglected importance of the female contribution to the emergence and evolution of human behavior.
  • Homiak, John P.; Shay, Wendy (1988)
    Brief reviews of 5 films new in the mid-1980s; all use innovative approaches to examine issues related to ethnicity and ethnic identity among Americans.
  • Linn, Priscilla Rachun (1983)
    Anthropologist's account of her career as a museum anthropologist.
  • Hunt, David R. (2006)
    Smithsonian physical anthropologist Hunt describes the science of forensic anthropology and its history within the Smithsonian's Department of Anthropology.
  • Leone, Mark; Knauf, Jocelyn; Tang, Amanda (2011)
    Brief account of an archaeological investigation at Wye House, a former Maryland plantation still owned and occupied by descendants of the original family; the plantation and its large slave population are described in all ...
  • Dillehay, Tom D. (2005)
    Dillehay discusses his work as the original lead archaeologist at Monte Verde, Chile, as well as the changing relationship between researchers and the region's indigenous peoples.
  • Fitzhugh, William W. (1997)
    Eskimo cultures through time including impacts of the modern world, global warming, and environmental change; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Brooks, Alison S.; Kaupp, P. A.; Gecan, Carolyn E. (2012)
    The 'AnthroNotes' editors survey the history of the publication and introduce its digital future.
  • Laughlin, Robert M. (2010)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Laughlin discusses how he became an advocacy anthropologist and helped shape the 'Tzotzil-Tzeltal' ('The House of the Writer') cultural cooperative in San Crist?? de las Casas in the State of ...
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1989)
    History of the first 10 years of 'AnthroNotes' and its origins in an innovative, N.S.F.-sponsored teacher-training program.
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Brooks, Alison S.; Kaupp, P. A.; Gecan, Carolyn E. (2009)
    The current editors of 'AnthroNotes' examine its 30 years of publication.
  • Kaeppler, Adrienne L. (2004)
    Information from Smithsonian anthropologist Kaeppler about Hawaiian cultural artifacts--the Queen Kapi'olani canoe, featherwork garments, and several bowls--that are part of the Smithsonian's collections.

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