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  • Beaty, David W.; Clifford, Stephen M.; Borg, Lars E.; Catling, David C.; Craddock, Robert A.; Des Marais, David J.; Farmer, Jack D.; Frey, Herbert V.; Haberle, Robert M.; McKay, Christopher P.; Newsom, Horton E.; Parker, Timothy J.; Segura, Teresa; Tanaka, Kenneth L. (2005)
    In October 2004, more than 130 terrestrial and planetary scientists met in Jackson Hole, WY, to discuss early Mars. The first billion years of martian geologic history is of particular interest because it is a period during ...
  • Haskin, Larry A.; Wang, Alian; Jolliff, Bradley L.; McSween, Harry Y.; Clark, Benton C.; Des Marais, David J.; McLennan, Scott M.; Tosca, Nicholas J.; Hurowitz, Joel A.; Farmer, Jack D.; Yen, Albert; Squyres, Steven W.; Arvidson, Raymond E.; Klingelhöfer, Göstar; Schroder, Christian; de Souza, Paulo A.; Ming, Douglas W.; Gellert, Ralf; Zipfel, Jutta; Brückner, Johannes; Bell, James F., III; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E.; Christensen, Philip R.; Ruff, Steve; Blaney, Diana L.; Gorevan, Steven; Cabrol, Nathalie A.; Crumpler, Larry S.; Grant, John A.; Soderblom, Lawrence (2005)
    Gusev crater was selected as the landing site for the Spirit rover because of the possibility that it once held a lake. Thus one of the rover's tasks was to search for evidence of lake sediments. However, the plains ...

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