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  • Basset, Yves; Corbara, Bruno; Barrios, Hector; Cuenoud, Philippe; Leponce, Maurice; Aberlenc, Henri-Pierre; Bail, Johannes; Bito, Darren; Bridle, Jon R.; Castano Meneses, Gabriela; Cizek, Lukas; Cornejo Remice, Aidee; Curletti, Gianfranco; Delabie, Jacques H. C.; Dejean, Alain; Didham, Raphael K.; Dufrene, Marc; Fagan, Laura L.; Floren, Andreas; Frame, Dawn M.; Halle, Francis; Hardy, Olivier J.; Hernandez, Andres de J.; Kitching, Roger L.; Lewinsohn, Thomas M.; Lewis, Owen T.; Manumbor, Markus; Medianero, Enrique; Missa, Olivier; Mitchell, Andrew W.; Mogia, Martin; Novotny, Vojtech; Odegaard, Frode; Gama de Oliveira, Evandro; Orivel, Jerome; Ozanne, Claire M. P.; Pascal, Olivier; Pinzon, Sara; Rapp, Mathieu; Ribeiro, Servio Pontes; Roisin, Yves; Roslin, Tomas; Roubik, David Ward; Samaniego, Mirna; Schmidl, Jurgen; Sorensen, Line L.; Tishechkin, Alexey; Van Osselaer, Christian; Winchester, Neville N. (2007)
    IBISCA-Panama ("Investigating the BIodiversity of Soil and Canopy Arthropods", Panama module) represents a large-scale research initiative to quantify the spatial distribution of arthropod biodiversity in a ...
  • Medianero, Enrique; Castano Meneses, Gabriela; Tishechkin, Alexey; Basset, Yves; Barrios, Hector; Odegaard, Frode; Cline, Andrew R.; Bail, Johannes (2007)
    Using pitfall traps, we evaluated the spatial and seasonal variance in arthropod abundance, species richness, higher taxonomic and species composition, and guild structure within the ground litter of seven sites in a ...
  • Basset, Yves; Cizek, Lucas; Cuenoud, Philippe; Didham, Raphael K.; Guilhaumon, Francois; Missa, Oivier; Novotny, Vojtech; Odegaard, Frode; Roslin, Tomas; Schmidl, Jurgen; Tishechkin, Alexey K.; Winchester, Neville N.; Roubik, David Ward; Aberlenc, Henri-Pierre; Bail, Johannes; Barrios, Hector; Bridle, Jon R.; Castano-Meneses, Gabriela; Corbara, Bruno; Curletti, Gianfranco; Duarte, da Rocha; De Bakker, Domir; Delabie, Jacques H. C.; Dejean, Alain; Fagan, Laura; Floren, Andreas; Kitching, Roger L.; Medianero, Enrique; Miller, Scott E.; Gama, de Oliviera; Orivel, Jerome; Pollet, Marc; Rapp, Mathieu; Ribeiro, Servio P.; Roisin, Yves; Schmidt, Jesper B.; Sorensen, Line; Leponce, Maurice (2012)

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