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  • Festival of American Folklife (1991 : Washington D.C.) (Smithsonian Institution, 1991)
  • Moses, Yolanda T.; Jones, Joseph (2011)
    Description of the project 'Race: Are We So Different?' and the exhibit's message, themes, teaching materials, website, and traveling component, which toured the nation from 2007-2014; authors pose next steps for a public ...
  • Homiak, John P. (2005)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Homiak based this article on his decades-long research into the history and culture of the Rastafari.
  • Festival of American Folklife (1997 : Washington D.C.) (Smithsonian Institution, 1997)
  • Leone, Mark; Knauf, Jocelyn; Tang, Amanda (2011)
    Brief account of an archaeological investigation at Wye House, a former Maryland plantation still owned and occupied by descendants of the original family; the plantation and its large slave population are described in all ...
  • Bense, Judith A. (1995)
    In Pensacola, archaeology is viewed as an economic resource with support from business, civic, and political entities.,
  • Jackson, John L. Jr. (2011)
    Discussion of the intersection of media, anthropology, and race.
  • Lassiter, Luke Eric (2004)
    How an anthropologist and a group of faculty and students at Ball State University produced 'The Other Side of Middletown', a collaborative ethnography of the African American community in Muncie, Indiana.
  • Williams, Brett (1987)
    One teacher's innovative fine arts instruction leads to insights about the migration connection between rural African American families in the Carolinas and in Washington, D. C.

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