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  • Miller, Webb; Hayes, Vanessa M.; Ratan, Aakrosh; Petersen, Desiree C.; Wittekindt, Nicola E.; Miller, Jason; Walenz, Brian; Knight, James; Qi, Ji; Zhao, Fangqing; Wang, Qingyu; Bedoya-Reina, Oscar C.; Katiyar, Neerja; Tomsho, Lynn P.; McClellan Kasson, Lindsay; Hardie, Rae-Anne; Woodbridge, Paula; Tindall, Elizabeth A.; Bertelsen, Mads Frost; Dixon, Dale; Pyecroft, Stephen; Helgen, Kristofer M.; Lesk, Arthur M.; Pringle, Thomas H.; Patterson, Nick; Zhang, Yu; Kreiss, Alexandre; Woods, Gregory M.; Jones, Menna E.; Schuster, Stephan C. (2011)
    The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is threatened with extinction because of a contagious cancer known as Devil Facial Tumor Disease. The inability to mount an immune response and to reject these tumors might be ...
  • Miller, Webb; Drautz, Daniela I.; Janecka, Jan E.; Lesk, Arthur M.; Ratan, Aakrosh; Tomsho, Lynn P.; Packard, Mike; Zhang, Yeting; McClellan, Lindsay R.; Qi, Ji; Zhao, Fangqing; Gilbert, M. Thomas P.; Dalen, Love; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Ericson, Per G. P.; Huson, Daniel H.; Helgen, Kristofer M.; Murphy, William J.; Gotherstrom, Anders; Schuster, Stephan C. (2009)
    We report the first two complete mitochondrial genome sequences of the thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus), or so-called Tasmanian tiger, extinct since 1936. The thylacine's phylogenetic position within australidelphian ...
  • Ren, Ren; Wang, Haifeng; Guo, Chunce; Zhang, Ning; Zeng, Liping; Chen, Yamao; Ma, Hong; Qi, Ji (2018)
    Gene duplications (GDs) provide evolutionary potentials for generating novel functions, while polyploidization or whole genome duplication (WGD) doubles the chromosomes initially and results in hundreds to thousands of ...

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