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  • Bennington, J. Bret; DiMichele, William A.; Badgley, Catherine; Bambach, Richard K.; Barrett, Paul M.; Behrensmeyer, Anna K.; Bobe, Rene; Burnham, Robyn J.; Daeschler, Edward B.; Van Dam, Jan; Eronen, Jussi T.; Erwin, Douglas H.; Finnegan, Seth; Holland, Steven M.; Hunt, Gene; Jablonski, David; Jackson, Stephen T.; Jacobs, Bonnie E.; Kidwell, Susan M.; Koch, Paul L.; Kowalewski, Michal J.; Labandeira, Conrad C.; Looy, Cindy V.; Lyons, Sara K.; Novack-Gottshall, Philip M.; Potts, Richard; Roopnarine, Peter D.; Stroemberg, Caroline A. E.; Sues, Hans-Dieter; Wagner, Peter J.; Wilf, Peter; Wing, Scott L. (2009)
  • Roy, Kaustuv; Hunt, Gene; Jablonski, David; Krug, Andrew Z.; Valentine, James W. (2009)
    Understanding the factors that determine the geographic range limits of species is important for many questions in ecology, evolution and conservation biology. These limits arise from complex interactions among ecology and ...
  • Roy, Kaustuv; Hunt, Gene; Jablonski, David (2009)
    Evolutionary histories of species and lineages can influence their vulnerabilities to extinction, but the importance of this effect remains poorly explored for extinctions in the geologic past. When analyzed using a ...

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