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  • Durant, S. M.; Wacher, T.; Bashir, S.; Woodroffe, R.; De Ornellas, P.; Ransom, C.; Newby, J.; Abaigar, T.; Abdelgadir, M.; El Alqamy, H.; Baillie, J.; Beddiaf, M.; Belbachir, F.; Belbachir-Bazi, A.; Berbash, A. A.; Bemadjim, N. E.; Beudels-Jamar, R.; Boitani, L.; Breitenmoser, C.; Cano, M.; Chardonnet, P.; Collen, B.; Cornforth, W. A.; Cuzin, F.; Gerngross, P.; Haddane, B.; Hadjeloum, M.; Jacobson, A.; Jebali, A.; Lamarque, F.; Mallon, D.; Minkowski, K.; Monfort, Steven L.; Ndoassal, B.; Niagate, B.; Purchase, G.; Samaïla, S.; Samna, A. K.; Sillero-Zubiri, C.; Soultan, A. E.; Stanley Price, M. R.; Pettorelli, N. (2014)
    Biodiversity hotspots understandably attract considerable conservation attention. However, deserts are rarely viewed as conservation priority areas, due to their relatively low productivity, yet these systems are home to ...

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