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  • Rich, Evan A.; Monnier, John D.; Aarnio, Alicia; Laws, Anna S. E.; Setterholm, Benjamin R.; Wilner, David J.; Calvet, Nuria; Harries, Tim; Miller, Chris; Davies, Claire L.; Adams, Fred C.; Andrews, Sean M.; Bae, Jaehan; Espaillat, Catherine; Greenbaum, Alexandra Z.; Hinkley, Sasha; Kraus, Stefan; Hartmann, Lee; Isella, Andrea; McClure, Melissa; Oppenheimer, Rebecca; Pérez, Laura M.; Zhu, Zhaohuan (2022)
    We present the complete sample of protoplanetary disks from the Gemini- Large Imaging with the Gemini Planet Imager Herbig/T Tauri Survey, which observed bright Herbig Ae/Be stars and T Tauri stars in near-infrared polarized ...

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