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  • Young, Hillary S.; McCauley, Douglas J.; Dirzo, Rodolfo; Goheen, Jacob R.; Agwanda, Bernard; Brook, Cara; Otarola-Castillo, Erik; Ferguson, Adam W.; Kinyua, Stephen N.; McDonough, Molly M.; Palmer, Todd M.; Pringle, Robert M.; Young, Truman P.; Helgen, Kristofer M. (2015)
    Many species of large wildlife have declined drastically worldwide. These reductions often lead to profound shifts in the ecology of entire communities and ecosystems. However, the effects of these large-wildlife declines ...
  • Young, Hillary S.; Dirzo, Rodolfo; McCauley, Douglas J.; Agwanda, Bernard; Cattaneo, Lia; Dittmar, Katharina; Eckerlin, Ralph P.; Fleischer, Robert C.; Helgen, Lauren E.; Hintz, Ashley; Montenieri, John; Zhao, Serena; Helgen, Kristofer M. (2015)
    Abstract The relative importance of both environmental factors and host factors in explaining variation in prevalence and intensity of flea parasitism in small mammal communities is poorly established. We examine these ...
  • Guerra, Ana Sofia; Eckerlin, Ralph P.; Dowling, Ashley P. G.; Durden, Lance A.; Robbins, Richard G.; Dittmar, Katharina; Helgen, Kristofer M.; Agwanda, Bernard; Allan, Brian F.; Hedlund, Tyler; Young, Hillary S. (2016)
    Despite the established importance of rodents as reservoirs of vector-borne zoonoses in East Africa, there is relatively limited information regarding the infestation parameters and host associations of ectoparasites that ...
  • Young, Hillary S.; McCauley, Douglas J.; Dirzo, Rodolfo; Nunn, Charles L.; Campana, Michael G.; Agwanda, Bernard; Otarola-Castillo, Erik R.; Castillo, Eric R.; Pringle, Robert M.; Veblen, Kari E.; Salkeld, Daniel J.; Stewardson, Kristin; Fleischer, Robert; Lambin, Eric F.; Palmer, Todd M.; Helgen, Kristofer M. (2017)
    Understanding the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on zoonotic disease risk is both a critical conservation objective and a public health priority. Here, we evaluate the effects of multiple forms of anthropogenic ...
  • Campana, Michael G.; Hawkins, Melissa T. R.; Henson, Lauren H.; Stewardson, Kristin; Young, Hillary S.; Card, Leah R.; Lock, Justin; Agwanda, Bernard; Brinkerhoff, Jory; Gaff, Holly D.; Helgen, Kristofer M.; Maldonado, Jesús E.; McShea, William J.; Fleischer, Robert C. (2016)
    Ectoparasites frequently vector pathogens from often unknown pathogen reservoirs to both human and animal populations. Simultaneous identification of the ectoparasite species, the wildlife host that provided their most ...

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