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  • Fitzhugh, William W. (2000)
    New archaeological evidence challenges old stereotypes and misconceptions; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Boellstorff, Tom (2009)
    Explores, from an anthropologist's point of view, the emerging relationships between the actual and virtual worlds; author contends that Internet technologies will shape human societies in ways we can scarcely imagine now.
  • Kurin, Richard (1997)
    The Smithsonian's annual Festival of American Folklife on the National Mall presents large-scale cultural displays at the intersection of scholarship, cultural community advocacy, and public education.
  • Kaupp, P. Ann (2012)
    A list of sites useful for teaching and learning about ancient Egypt. This article appeared only in the online digital version of 'AnthroNotes.'
  • Gordon, Kathleen D. (1989)
    Case studies of victim identification, diet, and human migrations reflecting new technologies; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Brooks, Alison S. (2010)
    Anthropologist and 'AnthroNotes' editor Brooks summarizes key discoveries in the effort to define 'humanness' and describe its emergence; she presents evidence from the fossil record, examines the behavioral perspective, ...
  • Walsh, Jane MacLaren (2005)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Walsh takes a new look at some old collections of Mesoamerican art and artifacts as she discusses the issues surrounding authentic vs. fake artifacts.
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1996)
    Report on then-current new information about early human evolution based on latest field research finds and analyses.
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1981)
    Reviews of 4 then-current (1981) articles positing new theories about aspects of human evolution.
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1987)
    Account of then-current but changing views of the definition of 'humanness' in light of new evidence.
  • Williams, Stephen (1992)
    Controversial evidence and lack of evidence for early contacts with the Americas; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Fowler, Loretta (1985)
    Understanding culture change in three related Plains Indian tribes in Wyoming, Montana, and Oklahoma.
  • Jablonski, Nina G. (2011)
    Study of the evolution of skin pigmentation as an important part of the study of human diversity and as an aid to understanding how human health is affected when living in environments far distant from our ancestral homelands.
  • Dorris, Michael (1990)
    Insights from author, scholar and Modoc Indian Michael Dorris about cultural insensitivity and failure to appreciate the richness of cultural diversity in America.
  • Greene, Candace S. (2005)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Greene presents an overview of Plains Indian pictorial narratives known as Winter Counts and explains their importance in the history of Native peoples; illustrations and suggestions for further ...
  • Bruwelheide, Kari; Owsley, Douglas (2007)
    Smithsonian physical anthropologists Bruwelheide and Owsley apply forensic analysis to historic cases of seventeenth century remains found in Maryland and Virginia.
  • Kaupp, P. Ann (2003)
    Article describes a conference organized for high school social science teachers and students; local social science scholars presented and led discussions about the topic of refugees.

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