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  • Krulfeld, Ruth (1997)
    Anthropology professor Krulfeld's work focuses on refugee women and their self-empowerment through the formation of an organization for women, The Lao-American Women's Association.
  • Viola, Herman J. (2006)
    Smithsonian Curator Emeritus Viola shares insights into using the Lewis and Clark expedition as a model for integrating social studies strands such as history, culture, civics, economics, and geography; article concludes ...
  • Kaupp, P. Ann; Selig, Ruth O. (2012)
    Selig and Kaupp, two Smithsonian long-time co-editors of 'AnthroNotes,' briefly describe the Anthropology Outreach Office (1975-2012) and its purpose to promote the public understanding of anthropology. This article was ...
  • Lanouette, JoAnne (1983)
    A focus on the degree of bipedalism in Lucy; anatomists Susman and Stern offer an interpretation at odds with that of Lucy's discoverers Johanson and White.
  • Arnoldi, Mary Jo (2003)
    Comprehensive overview of Mali includes information about archaeological finds, contemporary cultures, and the arts; followed by case study of puppet masquerade theater.
  • Gordon, Kathleen D. (1985)
    Examination of then-new evidence suggesting the importance of scavenging food to our early hominid ancestors.
  • Messenger, Phyllis; Halvorsen, Joel; Kraemer, Kathy (1996)
    Perspectives from 3 experts--an archaeologist, a computer specialist, and an educator--provide insights about using computer-based opportunities to study Central American history and culture.
  • Kaupp, P. Ann (1988)
    Linguists today often assist highly specialized practitioners in medicine, law, and education; includes several case studies.
  • Kaupp, P. A. (1985)
    Interview with Robert L. Humphrey, professor of anthropology and long-time 'AnthroNotes' cartoonist.
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1992)
    DNA and other studies help answer where, when, and why modern humans first appeared; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Lubkemann, Stephen C. (2007)
    Lubkemann's research during Mozambique's long civil war shows that social existence in war is constituted as much by everyday social struggles and concerns as by the problems of violence.
  • Sturtevant, William C. (1995)
    Assessment of the Disney film about Pocahontas and John Smith; sources are provided for more accurate information about the real story.
  • Brooks, Alison S. (1984)
    Brief report on the 'Ancestors Symposium' at the American Museum of Natural History, where fossils of human ancestors were examined by global experts.
  • Brooks, Alison S.; Potts, Richard (1999)
    Discussion of the then-most recent field discoveries and laboratory analyses relating to human evolution studies as of 2000, an era when ideas were changing rapidly.
  • Higgins, Patricia J. (1989)
    The shift in focus from the study of women to the study of gender, a concept comparable to kinship, economics, and politics; examines effect of cultural bias in earlier feminist studies. ,
  • Zeder, Melinda A. (1994)
    Solving the mysteries of agriculture's origins and its impact in the ancient world; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Brooks, Alison S. (2010)
    Anthropologist and 'AnthroNotes' editor Brooks presents recent research about and new perspectives on the development of human bipedalism, including the idea that bipedal running was a key causal factor in human evolution.
  • Brooks, Alison S.; Potts, Richard (2003)
    New evidence of variety, adaptability, and sophistication among our earliest ancestors; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Selig, Ruth O. (1994)
    Review of 3 books that expand understanding of the various approaches to learning about other cultures, past and present.

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