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  • Squyres, Steven W.; Arvidson, Raymond E.; Bell, James F., III; Bruckner, J.; Cabrol, Nathalie A.; Calvin, W. M.; Carr, M. H.; Christensen, Philip R.; Clark, Benton C.; Crumpler, Larry S.; Des Marais, D. J.; d'Uston, C.; Economou, T.; Farmer, J.; Farrand, W.; Folkner, W.; Golombek, M. P.; Gorevan, S.; Grant, John A.; Greeley, Ronald; Grotzinger, J.; Haskin, L.; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E.; Hviid, S.; Johnson, J.; Klingelhöfer, Göstar; Knoll, A.; Landis, G.; Lemmon, M.; Li, R.; Madsen, M. B.; Malin, M. C.; McLennan, S. M.; McSween, Harry Y.; Ming, D. W.; Moersch, J.; Morris, R. V.; Parker, T.; Rice, J. W.; Richter, L.; Rieder, R.; Sims, M.; Smith, M.; Smith, P.; Soderblom, L. A.; Sullivan, R.; Wanke, H.; Wdowiak, T.; Wolff, M.; Yen, A. (2004)
    The Mars Exploration Rover Spirit and its Athena science payload have been used to investigate a landing site in Gusev crater. Gusev is hypothesized to be the site of a former lake, but no clear evidence for lacustrine ...

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