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  • Festival of American Folklife (1989 : Washington D.C.) (Smithsonian Institution, 1989)
  • Moses, Yolanda T.; Jones, Joseph (2011)
    Description of the project 'Race: Are We So Different?' and the exhibit's message, themes, teaching materials, website, and traveling component, which toured the nation from 2007-2014; authors pose next steps for a public ...
  • Lassiter, Luke Eric (2004)
    The history, ethical framework, and responsibilities of scientists conducting ethnographic research; author uses examples from his experiences with collaborative ethnography.
  • Krech, Shepard III (2004)
    Examines competing historical stereotypes of North American indigenous peoples, namely, the Noble Indian, particularly the Ecological Indian, vs. the Ignoble Indian; related online resources available from the Smithsonian ...
  • Homiak, John P. (2005)
    Smithsonian anthropologist Homiak based this article on his decades-long research into the history and culture of the Rastafari.
  • Cerroni-Long, E. L. (1993)
    Author's model of ethnicity built on a specific definition of cultural, ethnic, and subcultural membership--all within the context of a comparative approach.
  • Leone, Mark; Knauf, Jocelyn; Tang, Amanda (2011)
    Brief account of an archaeological investigation at Wye House, a former Maryland plantation still owned and occupied by descendants of the original family; the plantation and its large slave population are described in all ...
  • Selig, Ruth O.; Peterson, Anna (2004)
    Sample lesson plan suitable for grades 7-12 that uses an updated article from 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'; see original article, Winter 1990, vol. 12:1, by Robert S. Laughlin and Kathleen Bragdon.
  • Davis, M. Elaine (2003)
    Based on Davis' work at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, this article examines various perspectives on questions of realness and authenticity pertaining to archaeological sites and artifacts.
  • Dittemore, Margaret R. (2001)
    Annotated bibliography of online sites offering a wealth of information for teaching about North American Indians.
  • Epstein, Paul (1983)
    Anthropologist discusses his dissertation research on adolescence conducted while teaching anthropology at a Montessori middle and high school.
  • Schwartz, Douglas W. (2007)
    By using new evidence from climatology, history, ethnography, and archaeology, the author refutes earlier scholars' assertions about the origins and growth of the great pueblos in the North American Southwest.
  • Bense, Judith A. (1995)
    In Pensacola, archaeology is viewed as an economic resource with support from business, civic, and political entities.,
  • Overbey, Mary Margaret (2007)
    Website, educational materials, and a traveling museum exhibit convey a comprehensive and integrative story about race and human variation; suitable for middle-school age children through adults.
  • DeVoe, Pamela A. (1991)
    How anthropological training can help teachers and school personnel understand the many factors influencing the school experience of refugee children.
  • Billeck, William T. (2002)
    Repatriation issues and examples from the National Museum of Natural History; for an updated version of this article, see 'Anthropology Explored, 2nd ed.'
  • Hines, Robert P.; Ring Jr., William A. (1987)
    Collaboration between high school social studies teachers, their students, and professional archaeologists yields opportunities for student participation in a real-life dig in Maryland.
  • Lacroix, Jennifer (2005)
    This review of an ethnographic documentary explores the evolution of basket weaving in Navajo culture followed by lesson plan suggestions; easily accessible to students from early elementary through college.
  • Carlos, Manuel L.; Gutierrez, Juan Jose; Knutson, Melody (1995)
    The Quer?ro Research Project is an innovative binational research and training project at 2 universities, UC Santa Barbara and the Autonomous University of Quer?ro, Mexico.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon (1991)
    Report about what was learned by college students participating in an ethnographic assignment; includes sample 5-item questionnaire.

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